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Entertainment Resources has Credibility, Creativity and Contacts

Sponsorship Programs offer many rewards to both Corporate Sponsors as well as the Properties they choose to partner with. Through Sponsorship, Sponsors seek to strengthen product awareness and, ultimately, drive sales cost effectively. Properties, in return, benefit through added prestige and Sponsor investment that can be a critical asset insuring a quality production for their audience.

One of the challenges inherent in developing a successful Sponsorship Program is obtaining learned counsel that can translate your strategies and goals, whether you are a Corporate Sponsor or a Property, into a successful reality. Since 1989, Entertainment Resources has specialized in creating mutually beneficial partnerships between the corporate community and a wide variety of entertainment lifestyle properties via sophisticated Sponsorship Programs.

The hallmark of Entertainment Resources’ success in the highly competitive and specialized field of Corporate Sponsorship can be summed up in three words: Credibility, Creativity and Contacts. Over the years, Entertainment Resources has built a solid industry reputation for both integrity and the uncanny ability to exceed our clients expectations. Combine that extensive experience with an enviable contact base and it’s obvious why Entertainment Resources has been the choice of savvy Sponsor and Property decision makers to assist in catapulting their Sponsorship Programs to the next level.