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Entertainment Resources has Credibility, Creativity and Contacts
Entertainment Resources, as recognized experts in the Sponsorship Industry, is committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships, with integrity being the foundation of the successful relationships we have forged.
Established in 1989, Entertainment Resources has specialized in developing partnerships between the corporate community and entertainment/lifestyle Properties for mutual benefit, mainly through Sponsorship relationships.
For the Sponsor, Entertainment Resources customizes each client’s program by combining specialized expertise with a diverse menu of advertising, marketing or promotional opportunities that can taken “off the rack” or originally designed.
For the Property, Entertainment Resources creates a “Sponsor-friendly” Program, delivers compatible corporate partners and then guarantees each parties’ satisfaction by coordinating all phases of the Project from beginning to end.
Entertainment Resources prides itself on the eclectic environments it has developed in conjunction with an equally diverse clientele. Professional sports teams and events, concerts, fairs and festivals, theme parks, motion picture and television programming, charity or cause-related events, celebrity endorsements or appearances, ethnic events and live theatre are representative of some of thee non-traditional environments in which Entertainment Resources has been involved.